US Help To NZ Reporter Unlikely – Experts

snowdenFollowing the claims of a New Zealand journalist that his reporting was under surveillance by the National Security Agency, a US official said Monday that the Agency had not monitored any of the phone conversations between the journalist and Afghan sources. Officials further added that even if the phone records had come under monitoring it was only a routine military intelligence monitoring of enemy communications in war zones.

Obama Admin. Brushes off allegations

The Obama administration has brushed off any allegations of NSA going beyond its limit in the case. The issue made headlines when the phone records of reporter Jon Stephenson who was in Kabul, Afghanistan working for McClatchy, an American new service and other media outlets were seized.

The US government however, has made it clear that it did not target Stephenson or his phone records.

The Stephenson case marks a new twist in the storyline of NSA that has seen a lot of criticism over violating people’s privacy through its surveillance programs.