MLB Might Suspend Rodriguez Under Collective Bargaining Deal

The AP has learned that Major League Baseball might suspend Alex Rodriguez under its collective bargaining agreement instead of drug rules. This would simply negate the probability of delaying a penalty until after the case goes to an arbitrator.

alex-rodriguezA First Time for A-Rod

Rodriguez has never been disciplined for a drug abuse offense. According to baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement, any player who is a first-time drug offender is entitled to an automatic stay provided; the players’ association files a grievance. This effectively implies that the penalty is put on hold until the ruling of an arbitrator.

Such an action taken by MLB would prevent A-Rod from entering the field, even if he makes a complete recovery from a quadriceps injury, the reason given by his team for keeping him on the list of the disabled.

Also, even if MLB uses this only as a threatening measure, it would give it the power to forge a deal with the New York Yankees third baseman.