Arsenio Hall Eager For A Comeback In Late-Night Talk Show Game

Arsenio Hall, sans his big hair and shoulder pads, that were his trademark during his initial days around 20 years ago, is eager to return to the late-night talk show game.

Eddie-and-Arsenio-Hall‘Making Turkey Bacon’

About his long hiatus, Hall jokingly told the Television Critics Association he had been ‘away making turkey bacon’. On a serious note, the chat show specialist said that the times were indeed different and more challenging now from when he was a pop-culture tastemaker on his old show that ran from 1989 to 1994.

Allowing a bit of privy into his new show, Hall said that the old theme song has been retained with a few add-ons. He added that no guests have been booked yet on the show that will make its debut on September 9th. Already more than 200 outlets have signed up to carry Hall’s comeback show.

Hall continued that at least for the time-being his soon-to-be-rivals like Jay Leno and Jimmy Kemmel were being nice to him.