35 Injured In Train Crash In Switzerland

Switzerland Train CollisionIn a head-on collision of two trains in western Switzerland, late Monday, police said there were at least 35 injured. Five among them were critically wounded and one person still remained to be rescued from the wreckage.

More on the Crash

The crash that happened shortly before 1700 GMT occurred near the station of Granges-pres-Marnand on a regional line that lies 50 km southwest of capital Bern. This deadly crash comes in the wake of another equally fearsome one that took place just 78 days ago in Spain.

Police, rescuers and fire personnel are all working hard to rescue as many as possible at the crash site. Police, however say that they are yet to access the driver’s cabin. It is the driver who remains trapped and it is not known whether he is still alive.

Swiss’ railway system is world-renowned for its safety and although accidents are rare, there was one 3 years ago in the Alps.